About SFA Chapter XI

Who We Are...

Military fraternal organizations are on the decline in the United States. Members from World War II, Viet Nam and Korea filled the ranks well in the past, but the ranks are thinning. Veterans of the Global War on Terror, the Gulf Wars and other Operations Other Than War such as Panama, Grenada, Somalia and Kosovo do not feel at home in such organizations. Chapter XI is on a road of change. We gather together current, separated and retired Green Berets from the Capital of the nation. Chapter XI uses the backgrounds, positions, networking and experience of its members to develop and promote each members individual interests so that the members are interested in promoting the chapter. We focus on retaining the history and heritage of the past, while passing it on and developing the veterans of the future. Using social media to stay connected and looking at how the association can help its members rather than how the members can help the association. We bridge the gap between past and future generations through by focusing on what we have in common; the Green Beret, rather what makes us different. Join Us and come into the Brotherhood.

What We Do...

Chapter XI is committed to joining Special Forces "Green Berets" from around the Washington D.C. area to further the Special Forces culture and history, provide support and networking in the professional arena and promote worth causes.

When and Where We Meet...

Our monthly meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. We have a Social Gathering/Cocktails starting at 1730 Hours with the Call to Order at 1845 Hours.  Meeting Location: Harvest Moon, 7260 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22042. This location is near the northwest corner of Arlington Blvd. and Graham, about a mile east of the Beltway. Please see the map below.

For planning purposes, here are the dates for upcoming meetings:

  • Our next regular Chapter Meeting will be on 16 January - at Harvest Moon Restaurant (address above)


Harvest Moon location